Thursday, 26 November 2015

How Dangerous Are Your Mobile Phones?

The fact that there are not only numerous interesting technical publications on these subjects, but there are also various international scientific studies available, lead us to have intentionally avoided pursuing a clinical dissection of them in this booklet. Controversial and emotional discussions over the possible effects of electrical and magnetic fields on the human organism are becoming more common. On the other hand, the many benefits of modern technology are not possible without electricity.

The invisible electromagnetic emanation of this technology is created for example by high tension electrical cables, transformer stations, radio transmitters, directional transmitters, mobile telephones, radio telephones, electrical appliances, household electrical wiring, etc.

Man is not equipped with an organ to detect these internal intrusions or burdens, although these may very well affect his Health and subsequent well being. This combination leads to many people having a critical stance on the subject of “Electromagnetic Environment”. The continually growing numbers of Electro Sensitive People reporting ever more serious symptoms such as sleep disorders (sleeplessness, restless sleep, early and abrupt waking), along with nervousness, internal unrest, irritability, poor concentration, memory loss, lack of energy, muscle cramps, headaches, cannot be disregarded.

The Sensitivity of Humans to Electromagnetic Fields differs individually.

In light of this fact, it is not possible to make blanket statements about the tolerance or health hazard from Electro Smog. This becomes apparent from observations of test subjects, who were exposed to electromagnetic fields and / or electrical tensions and currents. The health hazards from electro smog is cause enough for scientists all over the world to assemble factual evidence, but in spite of these, there are as yet no biologically correct international recommended safe levels for exposure.

In Luebeck, Germany Dr. Varga, Professor Kaes, Dr. Volkrodt, Dr. Boikat, Dipl. Bioligist Kuehne, Dr. Brueggemeier, Dr. Braun von Gladiss, Dr. Ing. Bahmeier proved through their research the negative Influence of microwaves. Lately Professor von Klitzing has illustrated with tangible results clear and undeniable biological effects of microwave radiation on humans, especially that radiation coming from pulse modulated mobile telephones of the D and also E types. 

And what did these Medical Scientists in Germany witness?

Unexplained peaks in many EEG’s left these specialists puzzled – until quite by coincidence someone observed a “Mobile Caller” in the act of calling just as the unexplained peaks appeared. This showed a direct correlation between Mobile Telephone use and abnormal changes in brain activity.
The health implications and importance of these test results start to become clear when we realise, that inside the human body very low amounts of electricity flow as part of the natural processes (metabolism, transfer of information) between the cells. Recently scientists have been able to ascertain that during periods of rest, there are electrical currents of 1pico Ampere (1 pA = 0,000 000 000 001A) flowing from cell to cell.
Furthermore from bio-resonance medicine we have learned that negative effects are always experienced, when biological systems are influenced by artificial signals, as these can lead to a continuing disruption of intracellular communication. The discovery of life-essential communication between the cells at the frequency of 400 Cycles was rewarded with a “Nobel Prize” in 1992.

How can you effectively protect yourself against the harmful effects of Electro Smog during Mobile Telephone use at the Workplace and / or at Home?

Our anti-electro smog transformers are based on the principle of destructive interference and by applying this process in the production phase, it is possible to neutralise that negative Information which adversely affects the human body, bringing about an automatic harmonisation of the electromagnetic fields.

Harmonising of the electromagnetic fields is very Important for man, because we, as earthly beings, are fully integrated into the biological conditions prevailing, through the electrical system in our environment, which means that every change of the natural environmental electro smog, represents a serious intervention in the communication process of our bodies, bringing about misalignment and false information signals, which eventually allow disease to develop.

Our mission is to inform people everywhere of the danger of progressive and irreversible neurological damage accompanying the convenience of existing and emerging electrical technologies. Electro smog, though invisible, is affecting the lives of everyone, hence us offering you products that drastically reduce the amount of electro smog affecting you and those dear to you. Disease prevention beats affliction any day!